The vision of the concept is to create a different space, in which ideas will be shared both of new techniques and of classic techniques of the hairdressing bases and at the same time to wrap the assistants in a whirlwind of inspiration for the evolution of their professional careers.
On the other hand, “The Salon” will also be aimed at consumers who are interested in these new beauty trends and who are open to the suggestions of our team of professionals. Giving them exquisite attention and exclusive service in a relaxed and enveloping atmosphere.

“Our creative work will tell you a story”

The FACTORY 236 team is a carefully selected team. Each member of the same shares the same professional concerns that fit perfectly with the philosophy of the project and have a passion
Extreme for the beauty industry. Highlighting for his dedication and love for things well done and betting on a superior quality service.

“Customer service is the key to our success”