Always choosing the best fabrics: from chantilly lace, silks … The materials are the result of the search for the ideal; The union of design and quality.

As a , Jose Maria Peiró has been able to verify that brides currently have a more defined taste and image than years ago. The older age at which they get married helps us to be closer to the tastes of the bride, which is characterized by having a more decisive opinion in the choice of her dress. This freedom and greater criteria is, in my opinion, positive to achieve a 100% coherent and favorable result. Our strengths are quality and close treatment. Offering brides a tailor-made dress in a workshop is synonymous with quality. In addition, since the bride visits and checks the workshop, she not only enjoys the process of choosing the most important dress of her life, but also verifies that the preparation is made with the utmost perfection.

With more than 25 years of experience Jose Maria Peiró decided to leave his mother company, which also bears his last name, to recover the essence and philosophy of its beginnings. Therefore, he decided to create an Atelier in the traditional way of handmade sewing; leaving serial productions, and embracing a space for personalization and exclusivity.In the atelier de novias de Barcelona y de Madrid seek advice on the most appropriate model; taking care of different aspects: a dress that enhances the physique of the bride, a dress appropriate to the place and atmosphere; all with the same objective: to offer a creation space where the bride enjoys the great moment of choosing her image of one of the most important days of her life.

In their creations they give the utmost importance to fully tailored sewing. When the brides arrive at their atelier they are informed of their tastes, then after a conversation the most appropriate models are selected and they are in charge of making the necessary alterations to perfect the silhouette.