Yolancris was born in 1985 in a city 20km away from Barcelona, Sabadell, known by the textile industry as the “little Manchester”, for its tradition in the textile industry.
The founder is Mercedes Alvarez Moraleda, known in the wedding industry as The Jewel of the bridal production. Her knowledge of pattern making, sewing techniques, finishing and fabric suppliers, encouraged her to open her own bridal store in 1985, that she named YOLANCRIS.
His daughter Yolanda Perez Alvarez, current Creative Director of the brand, learned everything about making and selling bridal gowns in those years working at her mother store and in 2004 they decided to establish their own bridal brand, since the fashion company where she used to work closed down.

The fundamental value of the brand is that “to work by hand” stands above anything else. Even so, all couture techniques, production times and salaries are fuzzed with the industrial level for an optimum sales result and company success.


For Yolancris, the craftsmanship and sustainable work is the future of fashion. Fusing this idea with a modern and pioneer image, empathizing with the client and helping it providing quality and show to the final consumer, achieving as a result clients’ trust and commitment.
The brand philosophy is EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Because they believe so.


Yolancris is currently present in markets such as Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, USA, Europe and keeps on increasing brand followers, thus dressing great celebrities.
Yolancris is a brand “behind the obvious”. It is luxury and honest fashion made in Barcelona.